Sightseeing - Hotel Wasserturm
Sightseeing - Hotel Wasserturm
Sightseeing - Hotel Wasserturm


Cologne Cathedral
The 157 m high landmark of Cologne and World Heritage Site.

Köln-Düsseldorfer Rhine Cruise
Embark on a cruise along the Rhine and admire the picturesque hills of the Siebengebirge with their castles and ruins.

Chocolate Museum 
With considerable attention to detail, the Swiss chocolate makers Lindt showcase the 3,000 year history of chocolate and the cocoa bean.

Cologne Triangle Panorama Platform
The observation deck on the roof of the LVR tower provides the perfect panoramic views for souvenir photos

Heinzelmännchen Fountain
The fountain opened in 1899 on the hundredth birthday of August Kopisch from the "Cölner Verschönerungsverein" - the society for improving the appearance of Cologne. Guided tours of the fountain and additional legendary locations in Cologne can be booked through the Cologne Tourist Office. The Heinzelmännchen fountain is situated at the Brauhaus Früh; Am Hof 12-14, 50667 Cologne; Tel.: 0221/ 221 233 32

4711 – Museum
The most successful manufacturer of original Eau-de-Cologne is located, as ever, in the Glockengasse. The museum is only open to visitors accompanied by a tour guide and with advance booking; Glockengasse 4711, 50667 Cologne; Tel.: 0221/ 92 50 450

In addition to the offices and apartments, the Rheinauhafen is also home to some excellent restaurants and a modern riverbank promenade which is the ideal place to take a stroll.

Each district of Cologne (known in the local dialect as "Veedel") is as individual as its inhabitants. Regardless of whether it is hip, modern or typical of Cologne, there is something for everyone in this great city. Our concierge will be pleased to give you tips for visiting the city's different districts.